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Information, stories and myths relating to trees.

tree stories for the wooden hearted

This is our tree!

The-Tree is a new non-profit website dedicated to sharing information about the many different facets of knowledge about UK trees and forests: We have numerous section on British Trees, Trees and the Environment, Cultivation and look to be a useful resource for web users who are interested in the enviroment and how trees play an important part in keeping our planet green...


Every consumer decision we make has an impact on the environment This is an ecological fact of life. Every time we go shopping, use public or private transport, or choose a place to live in our choices have an effect, for better or Worse, on the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink — on the world we experience with our eyes and ears and noses:

It is not always easy to see the connections, but we are getting better at recognizing them. Clearly, the paper we buy as Packaging and then throw away was once a tree, and the elect& 'power that flows from the wall sockets comes from a -fossil fuel plant nuclear reactor, or hydro’s.

We should also recognize that motor car owners must also share a part off the blame for Oil tanker disasters such as the Torrey Canyon.

But we really need many things which ultimately influence our environment — We need shelter, food, leisure, and a generally satisfying standard of living. However; there are many things we= do not need. At present –our whole society is based on a vicious circle of ever-increasing producfion and consumption, without questioning whether We are really any healthier or happier far it By seductive and clever advertising and salesmanship we are constantly brainwashed to consume what the manufacturer wants us to, and not what we really need.

Certainly   the state of the environment is the clearest indication that some of our cherished values may be wrong.
As the population has grown and as the consumption rate of each individual has increased, living in an industrial society like Britain has also meant traffic jams, foul air, crowded cities (and coasts), deteriorating public services, and mounting levels of> noise, solid wastes, and pesticide residues. Achieving a high degree of freedom from material want has also meant a crescendo of environmental problems that in the long term threaten the supply of food and raw materials for everyone.

It is certainly not easy for the individual to do much about these more far-reaching effects of our inflated consumption rate. What people can control, however, is the extent to which their individual actions contribute to, these major collective problems. This is important because up to now it is the escalation of individual consumption, more than the increase in our numbers, that has so adversely affected the quality of our environment

The challenge to the concerned consumer will be to use his buying power to vote against the behaviour that has brought us to the present situation. He must be acutely aware that each penny paid for the product that is harmful or unnecessary, the process that pollutes, or the food that doesn't nourish, prolongs and expands the squandering of our resources and destroys the biological systems on which we ultimately depend.

One of the problems of giving advice about the environmental effects of various products is the difficulty of being definite about what is ecologically good and what is ecologically bad. Ecologists tend to be cautious people without instant solutions. Unfortunately, their long-term perspectives tend to get overridden by short-term political and economic pressures. And in response to the bewildering array of environmental problems and crises we are offered an equally bewildering array of 'solutions', some valid, others, not.

The issues are complex and sometimes overwhelming  but it is practical, immediate advice consumers need, and that is what this website seeks to provide. In many cases it is extremely difficult to get 'the facts', and even harder to verify them. This is true not just for the concerned consumer, but even for the compiler of a consumers' guide, because industries and government departments maintain a policy of secrecy that leaves communication of information up to public relations men and politicians. These people too often have neither the technical background nor, unfortunately, the freedom from financial interest to enable them to communicate information accurately.

Another problem is that 'the facts' are constantly changing. This is especially true of product formulae such as detergents, and unless there is a simple way for the consumer to learn the ingredients of what he is buying — from the label, for example — he cannot make an informed choice without special inquiries.

Perhaps the best guide to making consumer decisions count is common sense. As we increase our knowledge of environmental issues, the more we realize how many unanswered questions there are. It is therefore important to understand the underlying reasons given for the specific ideas in this website so that you can develop your own ideas for action and spot new dangers as they come along. It is also obvious that many of the ideas may take extra time and trouble.


If you live on- the tenth floor of a block of flats, then some of them may be impossible. This does not mean that the ideas are not valid for another time or place. They are intended to help you consider for yourself how to reduce your impact on the environment- and re-Sources wherever you may live. The more difficult the situation, then the more it will be realized how much our society is locked into the disastrous spiral of ever-increasing consumption in a world of diminishing resources.

It is also easy to give in to the feeling that 'my own contribution won't make much difference', but this must be resisted. Your attempts to practise the ideas in this website and to develop a more ecological philosophy of life should be treated as an educational process as well as a practical way of minimizing environmental problems. Also one of the best ways of persuading others is to practise it yourself. Experiment with and test your daily life for yourself take a normal day and measure the amount of electricity or water you use then practise the ideas that follow for a week and see the difference — now multiply that difference 56 million times and you will see what a national effort could do.


You are also sure to find that some things will be cheaper more pleasant and easier than you think.

At a personal level the following webpagess seek to demonstrate that there is an alternative to the consumptive rat race.


This website attempts to look beyond material needs to values which cannot be measured only in terms of growth in the Gross National Product. In rational, palatable steps, you the consumer can modify your daily habits to bring them more into balance with your environment. The benefits to the individual may surprise you — for mankind it could mean the difference between survival and total disaster.



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Hampton Court Flower Show

I went along to the Hampton Court Flower Show this year and was stunned to discover that a visit there could make the sick well again. Well, maybe not. However, I did see people, who had spent all day being pushed around in a wheelchair, up walking and pushing their own wheelchairs.

The impetus for this was, of course, the great sell off at the close of the show. Father was walking through the show ground cradling his baby in his arms, whilst mother followed with the pushchair laden with plants. Granny, who had benefited from resting in her wheelchair as she moved around the show, found it was an ideal way to get her lilies and agapanthus back to the carpark. Once out of the showground the sights were enough to make a gardener cringe, trees, agapanthus, eremurus and lilies sticking out of the sun roofs of dozens of cars on their way to the M3.

Other had folded up plants as best they could so that they would travel on the bus and underground. Then there is the safe bet that many of the plants acquired will not have been planted for several days, nor watered, nor put out of the sun. When will people learn that a bargain is only a bargain if you can get the plant home alive and in one piece... otherwise it is just so much compost.

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