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Information, stories and myths relating to trees.

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Disposability is another gimmick to get us to consume more. Disposable items obviously have their value where health or convenience is a vital factor but disposability is rapidly developing into a fetish. Manufacturers already provide us with disposable clothes, cutlery, etc, and promise almost anything disposable, from a chair to a complete house.

Throwaway mousetraps, for instance, ensure that you don't have to look at the victim and the whole trap goes out with each mouse. There are even paper tents and sleeping bags with which you can have a bonfire on the last day of your camping holiday.

Along with planned obsolescence,, disposability constitutes a waste of resources and is of questionable value to the consumer, yet the mad rush to an all-disposable world is nearer than you think. You only have to visit a hospital to see where we are heading. Even one-trip potties are in use and heavy use of disposables generates 10 to 15 pounds of rubbish per day per patient. Plastics, polyvinyl chloride, and metal syringes create special complications above and beyond the problem of sheer volume.
But we don't have to live in this wasteful. way. You can reduce your production of rubbish in many ways.

Cut down on your use of disposable items
Use cloth napkins, hand towels, handkerchiefs, and nappies instead of throwaway paper ones. Paper panties should only be used where convenience is essential. Cheap nylon ones can obviously be worn and washed many times.
Don't use paper towels to mop up a spill when you could do the job just as well with a sponge.

In the home, use only durable crockery, utensils, and glassware. There is no need to eat regularly off disposable plates; furthermore, it is expensive to do so.
For picnics and receptions, disposables have become standard. Throw a party without them; show yourself that it can be done.

Should  you decide that paper and plastic disposables are unavoidable, at least choose the lesser of the evils. Paper comes from a renewable source and is to be preferred. If you wash and reuse them, the more durable plastic glasses may be worthy of an exception.

Use paper straws instead of plastic ones, or don't use straws at all.
Share an online magazine subscription with a friend and donate your used copies to a hospital or another institution that can use them Terminate subscriptions to those publications that you never get around to reading. Read magazines in the library.
Do something to stop unsolicited mail. Ask that your name be taken off unwanted mailing lists.

Buy quality. In the long run you will save money and reduce the amount of obsolete rubbish you have to toss out.

Don't discard anything that can be repaired. Either mend it yourself, take it to be repaired, or donate it to someone who can have it fixed.




Ash trees

Ash trees threatened

Forestry Commission England warns of threat posed by the Chalara fraxinea fungus


Enviroment and helping UK Forests

National Tree Week event - Take part in tree planting in East Park, Wolverhampton

Woodland Craft

Woodland Craft
Join the Park Rangers for some woodland management and crafts including coppicing

Community Trees

Community Tree Planting
Join in a planting at Brent River Park of over 400 trees


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Hampton Court Flower Show

I went along to the Hampton Court Flower Show this year and was stunned to discover that a visit there could make the sick well again. Well, maybe not. However, I did see people, who had spent all day being pushed around in a wheelchair, up walking and pushing their own wheelchairs.

The impetus for this was, of course, the great sell off at the close of the show. Father was walking through the show ground cradling his baby in his arms, whilst mother followed with the pushchair laden with plants. Granny, who had benefited from resting in her wheelchair as she moved around the show, found it was an ideal way to get her lilies and agapanthus back to the carpark. Once out of the showground the sights were enough to make a gardener cringe, trees, agapanthus, eremurus and lilies sticking out of the sun roofs of dozens of cars on their way to the M3.

Other had folded up plants as best they could so that they would travel on the bus and underground. Then there is the safe bet that many of the plants acquired will not have been planted for several days, nor watered, nor put out of the sun. When will people learn that a bargain is only a bargain if you can get the plant home alive and in one piece... otherwise it is just so much compost.

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